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As a subsidiary of Towne & Country Construction, Green Foam LLC offers the same high-quality service for those who need robust insulation for their residential, commercial, or industrial structures. Green Foam is a BioBased Insulation® certified dealer, providing renewable, energy-efficient spray-foam insulation.

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BioBased® Products

  • BioBased® 501w is a semi-rigid spray foam, used for interior applications like traditional fiberglass. This spray has a higher insulation effectiveness rating compared to fiberglass, meaning you will save more money on energy costs.
  • BioBased® 1701s is a rigid spray foam used for both interior and exterior applications, contributing to structural strength. This spray has a higher insulation effectiveness than 501w, but also has a higher cost. 1701s is the first polyurethane spray foam insulation to ear GREENGUARD certification and GREENGUARD for Children and Schools certification.

Benefits of Green

Learn why so many home and business owners are making the switch to BioBased® spray insulation.

  • BioBased® spray foam is created using soy oil, utilizing sustainable resources and supporting domestic farmers by creating more demand for their crops.
  • Will not disintegrate or sag over time.
  • While the upfront cost may be higher than traditional insulation, heating and cooling bills can be reduced by up to 50% per month, leading to more efficient energy savings.


Why is BioBased Insulation® so effective?

As the spray insulation is applied, it rapidly expands to conform to the space and fill cracks and crevices, creating a tightly sealed thermal envelope. This fights against air infiltration, as well as inhibiting mold growth, rodents, and insects.

How long does the insulation last?

Because it’s a strong, thermoset plastic, BioBased Insulation® will maintain its properties for the life of the building.

Does the insulation burn?

Having a Class I fire rating, BioBased Insulation® will char, however, it won’t sustain a flame.